Not since the rise of the French doors has a door created as much fuss as the barn door.  They’ve been around for awhile and their popularity continues to rise.  The name ‘barn door’, however, can be misleading.  Today’s barn doors come in nearly as many styles as the number of homes they are installed in! And, it is not only in a residential home where you’ll find a barn door! Commercial building owners want a piece of the barn door, today, too!

Why is the barn door so appealing?  I love the beauty of natural, rustic wood and its juxtaposition against clean modern interiors.  Plus, a barn door’s applications can be endless.

Here are 5 of my favorite places to install barn doors:

  1. Bathroom –  Because the doors slide along a wall rather than swing open, installing a barn door in a bathroom is a major space-saver.  A small bathroom where square footage is at a minimum is an ideal location for a barn door. space saver
  2. Pantry –  Let’s face it, our pantries aren’t always the most organized spaces in our homes.  You can hide that clutter with a sliding barn door!  For an added feature, a chalkboard on the door will allow you to write your menu, make your grocery list, or give your budding artist a place to draw, while you prepare dinner.


3. Closet – Step up your style game with a contemporary barn door on your closet.  Even if it’s in your master bedroom, a room that guests often don’t see, you’ll appreciate the beauty every time you look for that perfect shirt and pairing of shoes.

closet modern

4. Home Office – Working from home can often prove challenging with a few too many distractions.  Adding a barn door here can provide privacy and hide personal information you may not everyone else to see.


5. Living Room – Show off your unique personality with a barn door that matches your specific style.  The door can serve as a focal point in the room.  In addition, a barn door serves to partition off a larger room creating an intimate entertaining space for you and your guests.


With the popularity of the barn door, you’re sure to find one that suits your style and the needs of your space.  Plus, if you prefer the more rustic wood barn door, these can be made relatively inexpensively from pallet wood!  Yes, the same pallet wood that’s often discarded at your local dumpster or construction site!  Check out the barn doors we have ready to go, or, gain ideas for a custom barn door here!

Space saving, sophisticated, and stylish, I’m already hard a work on barn doors for my own home.  I’m just not sure which of these five spaces will get one first!

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