Ever since Theresa and I were little, we imagined some day we might be on television.

As kids barely old enough to tie our shoes, we’d prance around the kitchen putting on shows for anyone who’d be game to watch.  Many people called us the Double Mint twins, after the popular TV commercial.  We’d take turns, with our younger sister included,  as the director and being in front of the camera. Though, I’m pretty sure we all favored being within the camera lens’ view!

Interestingly enough, our shows back then focused on horror themes and just sisters being silly.

Today, we’ve had the awesome opportunity to do the real thing – shooting live and pre-recorded television segments lending our tips and creations as interior decorators who love anything and everything DIY and design.

Last week, however, we tackled something totally new – we taped four television segments, each with a different timely theme and end product, in one day!


We will be appearing on KSAT’s entertainment style show, SA Live, with host Fiona Gorostiza, airing weekdays at 1 PM. This marks our second appearance with Fiona and the SA Live crew.

If you haven’t watched Fiona on SA Live yet, you’re missing out. Not only is Fiona gorgeous, she’s full of wit and can move guests through a five minute segment full of demonstrations like nobody’s business.

SA Live invited us to pre-record four segments to air in the near future: Patriotic Home Design For Your Fourth of July Celebrations, Including Your Pet In The Design Of Your Home, DIY Dorm Design, and for the men in our lives, Mad Man-Cave Design.  Media guru, Erin Kirwan of Savvy Media Marketing and Public Relations, helped us brain storm these segment ideas and how best to demonstrate our best design thoughts in five minutes or less. It was important for us to pick projects that are possible for anyone to do at home.  We also wanted to use materials available to everyone.

The key to contributing to shows like SA Live is to keep it constantly moving.  People today get bored fast and when that happens, click away.  So we follow the host’s lead trying to keep the pace up-beat with lots of activity, and yes, constantly, moving something.  Having not gone through prior television training, this can be a difficult concept for us!  As designers who are focused on incorporating every detail of our clients into a project or space, Theresa and I find this idea to hurry through the highlights of project, challenging!  But our hope is that if you like what you’ll see, you’ll visit with us on our website or call us, where we can go into more detail with you about the project or fabulous idea it might spark!


We dragged enough to fill two cars into the SA Live studio!

Another learning experience that came with rolling out four TV segments in roughly an hour was transporting all the supplies necessary to pull off the segment! When we arrived at KSAT-TV with two carloads of materials, I’m pretty sure the front desk personnel thought we were moving in!  I was so afraid of forgetting something that seems relatively small to most, such a glue gun, which, to a designer or crafter, is like the Taj Mahal of supplies.

Finally during our 4-segment shoot with SA Live, we experienced for the first time what TV people like Fiona probably experience often – what to do when something doesn’t work.  Yes, I believe we officially have something for our first blooper reel! During our segment on Incorporating Your Pet Into The Design of Your Home, we asked Fiona to help us attach wheels to our mobile dog bed.   You can see in this video clip what happened next!


We learned quickly that Fiona, as amazing as she in front of a TV camera, does not have much experience with power tools!  Hey, I guess we’re all gifted with different talents, right?!  We became quick studies of the old phrase, “The show must go on”.

Ready or not, we have absolutely loved debuting Twin Sisters Interiors on a wider reaching platform!  Our four segments will run throughout the next couple of months! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates on those air dates as we get them.  We leave you today with a few more pics from our wonderful experience taping four TV segments in one day!



Our DIY shadow box for any man’s favorite movie poster complete with trim lighting!


Twincerely ~ Cheri






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