Can you believe it?  Walk around almost any retail store today and you’ll see signs of fall.  Everywhere.  Leaves will soon be changing and ever so subtly, so will our favorite design trends.  Watching for the next design forecast is something we pay close attention to at Twin Sisters Interiors.

Typically, most of us don’t overhaul our interiors every season. However, there are ways we can add a touch of the current trend resulting in a renewed space – leading to a more renewed you.   Design is that powerful!

Some of the much talked about trends headed our way in the close of 2016 are black stainless steel visible in our kitchens, marble accents in bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms, gray returning as your neutral color, and granny florals.  Yes, granny florals!




Let’s talk about this one for a second!  If a couch such as this Wilton Sofa is too much, consider bringing in a more understated look with throw pillows or something as simple as a floral drapery tieback.

While the granny floral trend will certainly be a fun one to follow this fall, the three design trends forecasted that we’re most excited about and likely to incorporate into our own homes this fall are:

  • Gray coupled with warm color and texture
  • The well-appointed bathroom 
  • Rustic woods paired with shiny metallics  

Watch our video for more on these three designs and what you can do with them!


And as always, if you’d like to see illustrations on how we’re giving our clients some of these updated looks, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Houzz, and Pinterest!  And, if you’d like complimentary design tips please jump over to our website and subscribe for updates and more.  We absolutely enjoy talking design and decor with you!  Thank you for hanging out with us ~ Theresa & Cheryl


Theresa & Cheryl are twins, mothers, and co-owners of Twin Sisters Interiors.  They both graduated from The University Of The Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas.  They also create custom art pieces, reclaimed art and oil paintings, that can be seen in retail and many of their clients’ homes.



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