I’m going to be brutally honest.

About depression.

About life’s purpose.

About faith.

and how these three things, ironically, like grains of wood, have come together in my life to produce something really beautiful.

Let me take you back to December of last year.

Like 12-million women in the United States each year, I found myself facing depression.  I know, it’s an often taboo thing to talk about.

Especially as a business owner, on a blog.

But what I want you to know is that out of all the darkness, that can be depression, can also exist a ray of light.  This is a story about how I spotted a single glimmer and clung to it for dear life.

That light was reclaimed art.

One day, while visiting the Dallas Market, I was drawn to these beautiful statement pieces made out of raw wood. With such introduction, I began to look at wood, as a design material, like I never had before.  I liked its uniqueness. I admired its rawness.  I feel in love with idea that wood, in its most basic form, can be transformed into something awe-inspiring and full of meaning.

So I began to craft it.

The wood.


I began to search for used pallets, most often thrown out in someone’s garbage.  Did I dumpster dive?  Well, not quite.  Yet almost.

My talented twin and I collect used pallets of wood from construction sites, home sites, or those being offered as an alternative to being thrown out.

I love the idea that I’m saving tons of wood from our landfills and no new trees are cut down for my purpose.

Call us crazy, but taking something considered trash and sanding it down to something pretty is totally therapeutic to us.  To me, mainly.  You know, battling depression and all.

IMG_3460I created my first ever piece of reclaimed wood last December.  It was a 24 X 24 inch design containing a cross.  It was purchased by a family to commemorate their parents’ 50th Anniversary.  I was humbled that the family thought that much of my art.  To know the piece was marked by faith, literally and figuratively, moved me in ways you might only imagine.

That one square piece with a cross on it, my first reclaimed art, was only the beginning.

I now have created dozens of reclaimed art pieces.  Some are simply statements pieces.  Others, such as my decorative hanging racks serve a more functional purpose.


I put so much thought into every piece I create right from the comfort of my garage.  It’s a far cry from a fancy art studio.  But it’s home.  More importantly, it’s happy.

And that’s something I had long been searching for.

~ Theresa N.IMG_7385



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