At Twin Sisters Interiors, identical twins, Theresa Naramore and Cheryl Green bring a unique two for one dynamic to interior design.   Together, they bring out one another’s best inspired designs and work seamlessly to integrate your wishes, vision, and personality into well-planned interiors.

Meet Theresa

I didnt choose interior design, it chose me

Theresa’s the half of Twin Sisters Interiors who isn’t afraid of a good power tool, is drawn to clean contemporary design and decor that’s comfortable as much as it is stunning, and can often be found after-hours turning wood pallets into reclaimed art.  Theresa began transforming spaces as a young child, beckoning her sister to coordinate bedding and sew window treatments for their shared bedroom. Theresa learned to create a lot from very little, growing her eye, early on, for budget-conscious interiors.  Theresa has two children with her husband, two large dogs, and one cat who are often the inspiration behind some of her greatest work.


Theresa’s own most-loved space?

Her office.  ” I love to dress up.  I like to feel a little glamorous sometimes and with touches of gold foil on the walls and my large design board as a focal point, this room reflects that.  It’s the one room in our home designed just for me.”

Meet Cheryl

“We all have a story. Bringing the right pieces of it into a space is what makes a room comfortable and livable as well as beautiful.”

Cheryl is the half of Twin Sisters Interiors known for her rustic chic designs.  Cheryl loves a good accessory and her oil paints.  In fact, you will often find her oil paintings hanging throughout her clients’ homes and placed as focal points in many of San Antonio’s commercial buildings.  Residing in the Texas Hill Country, Cheryl is inspired by its vast hills, calming neutral colors, and open space, which you’ll sometimes find intrinsically woven into her designs.  Cheryl is a wife and mom to two busy boys.  As such, she understands the importance of designs that are as much functional as they are refined.  


Cheryl’s favorite personal space?

Her art studio.  “I added one bonus room on the second level of our home. I can retreat to paint yet I’m close enough, inside the home, to hear when I’m needed.  My studio is open, airy, filled with natural light, and overlooks the scenic hills.  I have cultivated some of my best ideas and art in this space.”

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