It’s about creating your space.  At Twin Sisters Interiors, we shape spaces that reflect you in every detail.  We are experts in the psychology of color and work hand in hand with you to transform your home or business.  We pay attention to detail. We pay attention to you.

Keep up to date on the latest design trends and go behind the scenes of what we have been working on!

Residential Projects

Remove the guess work and get it done right the first time.  We decorate and design residential spaces large and small from choosing the perfect paint color to a full home remodel. Find out more about our residential projects here

Commercial Projects

We understand your work space is the eye through which your customers will see your brand and service.  We  manage new build and remodel projects in skilled nursing residences, model homes, residential club houses, commercial offices, and more. Find out more about our commercial projects here

Custom Art Work

Find that perfect statement piece, splash of color, or functional art.  We create custom art for our clients! Check out Theresa’s reclaimed wood pieces and Cheryl’s oil paintings, here.

My Purpose For Repurposing Wood Into Reclaimed Art

I'm going to be brutally honest. About depression. About life's purpose. About faith. and how these three things, ironically, like grains of wood, have come together in my life to produce something really beautiful. Let me take you back to December of last year. Like...

Fall Design Forecast

Can you believe it?  Walk around almost any retail store today and you'll see signs of fall.  Everywhere.  Leaves will soon be changing and ever so subtly, so will our favorite design trends.  Watching for the next design forecast is something we pay close attention...

From My Garage To West Elm: My Journey With Reclaimed Art

I created my first piece of reclaimed art in December of last year. It was a 24-inch by 24-inch square piece, anchored with a cross in its middle. What may not be obvious when you look at such art, is that it all begins with a pallet of wood. You know, the same...

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